Lodge Meetings

Our meetings

The lodge meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday in each month except in July and August. In June there is usually only one meeting with the 2nd meeting being replaced by a social BBQ. Meetings falling on public holidays and the 2nd meeting in December are usually not held. Meetings may be rescheduled onto another date, and brethren may be summoned for extra meetings at the discretion of the Worshipful Master; due notice will always be given. The annual Installation is held on the 2nd Saturday in January. On the same date the lodge holds a ladies? night social evening.

The notice paper, or summons

The notice paper, or summons, for the meeting is sent out 7 to 10 days before the date of the stated meeting. Summons' are usually sent out electronically, by email. Visitors who are members in good standing of masonic lodges in jurisdictions recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) are welcome to contact us and have their name and email address placed on the summons distribution list.

What to wear

The dress code for the meeting always appears on the summons that is sent out, and brethren are always required to wear their masonic regalia. When the meeting involves the admission of a new member, conferring a further masonic degree, or the installation of a new Worshipful Master and lodge officers (the Installation in January) the dress is formal . That is, dinner suit or tuxedo, black shoes and socks, white shirt and black bow tie.

When the work is a lecture or talk, the dress code is not formal. That is, dark business suit, black shoes and socks, white shirt, and dark conservative style tie. There is no Chevalier Ramsay lodge tie.

Black Tie/Tuxedo
Ladies Night

Black Tie/Tuxedo

Business Suit
Lodge meetings

Lodge Trips

White gloves

White gloves


Visitors are always welcome and at each meeting there are usually visitors from other countries. As a visitor it is usual to make contact with the Chevalier Ramsay lodge secretary first to establish one's credentials. The Secretary may be contacted below. Visiting brethren who are members in good standing, and of masonic lodges in jurisdictions in amity with the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium are very welcome to attend Chevalier Ramsay lodge meetings.

As a visitor the dress code is usually taken as optional. Many visiting brethren wear a dark business suit as they usually have to go direct to the lodge meeting from their place of work.The dinner suit/tuxedo that is worn does NOT have tails and has a standard black jacket and trousers! White gloves are always worn, irrespective of whether the brother is wearing a tuxedo or a business suit to the meeting.

Further information

Further information about Chevalier Ramsay's meetings, and visiting a lodge meeting, may be obtained from the lodge Secretary using our contact form here: https://chevalierramsay.be/contact-chevalier-ramsay/